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Women Warriors!

by M. Sutherland

Currently, there is much noise about the Amazon Women Warriors of Benin (the former Kingdom of Dahomey) depicted in the movie The Woman King. But I would like to make some noise about these women living within villages communities in Benin where we serve.

These women are spectacular. They are industrious, compassionate, and resilient. They are true warriors.  This was not always the case. Most of them were beaten down by their circumstances. They were farmers merely living from crop season to crop season. The rainfall or lack thereof determined how much alleviation they would receive from the burden of poverty. I remember walking into the village where the women gathered. As I listen to their stories, I felt powerless. I wanted so much to change their circumstances but was overwhelmed by the burden of their pain and hopelessness. However, as I prayed, I sensed the maps could help. Prior to going to the village, I sensed a "tug" from the Holy Spirit to take along my maps and a few photos. I took out a map of the world and asked,  

Where is Benin on this map?

I didn't think they knew. One woman raised her hands. I was very surprised. She gladly came to the map and pointed out Russia. 

Yes, it's the biggest country on the map. I told her. 

But that's not Benin. 

Then I showed them where Benin was on the map. I took out a map of Benin and asked them, 

Where is your village community? 

Again, they had no idea. I showed them the map of Benin where their village community was located. Then I took out the village community map and showed them where their various villages were located. I talked about God's big world. I shared about different countries and showed pictures of these countries where I have been of other poor women (In Central America, Haiti, Asia, and other African countries. They especially seemed drawn to the pictures of the women in South Asia. All of a sudden, they seemed to have empathy for the struggles of other women who were different from them. All of a sudden, they wanted to at least pray for other women. All of a sudden, they didn't feel so low. 

This was the beginning of our village women's network. Through much praying, the teaching of Biblical principles, and literacy and skills training, they have learned how to pool their resources,  start micro-businesses, reach out to other villages, and most of all, continue to gather together to encourage and pray for one another. One woman said; We used to wait for the government to give us 5000 CFAs (equivalent to about $10 US) but we had all that we needed among us. All we had to do was come together and trust God. These women have sent funds to help women in South Asia (yes African village women) and started a savings and loan fund to help other women in their villages start micro-businesses. 

These are warrior women, who in the face of adversity persevered. However, they were never alone. God is their strength. 

It is God that girdeth me with strength, and maketh my way perfect. He maketh my feet like hinds' feet, and setteth me upon my high places. He teacheth my hands to war, so that a bow of steel is broken by mine arms.

Psa 18:32-34 ESV