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Our Approach - Holistic Development

We employ a multidimensional approach through our 

Bible Institute and Empowerment Center. 

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"Knowing" informs your understanding. It builds faith and  empowers you to be and do  better. Knowing God's word is necessary for spiritual transformation. Growing in knowledge and    understanding increases wisdom, discernment and discretion.


"Being" refers to who you really are -- your beliefs, values and character. At Liberty International we care about your whole development both natural and spiritural. Beginning with sincere repentance, transformation comes from within and manifests outwardly.


"Doing" focuses on development of spiritual gifts, skills and calling. We aim to help you develop all your God-given abilities so you can be the best God intended you to be.

Bible Institute

The Bible Institute facilitates spiritual, minsterial, and leadership development through formal and nonformal instruction.

Life Empowerment

The Life Empowerment arm of the ministry fosters spiritual transformation through powerful nonformal activities and events.