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One Thing is Needed!

by M. Sutherland

A village community experienced God's goodness and mercy in abundance when they decided (leaders and many people within the village) to follow Jesus. 

After going through some spiritual formation and community development activities (including the 10 SEED holistic community development tool) the women began pooling resources together. Eventually, the village was able to start micro-businesses and invest in small agricultural projects. This gained the attention of a local non-governmental organization. The organization wanted to donate 100% of the cost to building an agricultural center. The village was excited! This was a great opportunity. However, they just needed one thing. What was it? They needed to also contribute. The village understands a very important lesson. That it was much better to give than receive. This agricultural center will not one benefit them, but others, and they wanted to bless their surrounding communities. 

Remember when the young rich ruler came to Jesus to be one of His followers? He was not aware of how much the cares of the world gripped his heart.  Even though he claimed to honor the 10 commandments, his values and decisions were guided by the belief system of Mammon, a form of idolatry. 

Whether we are rich, poor, or somewhere in the middle, the cares of this world attach themselves to the core of our being. Many people in poverty struggle with the same issue. Yes, there is a healthy desire to fulfill basic needs. However, some try to cling to as much of the world's goods as they can, in fear of "losing it all". Giving is something we all need. This community could have said,  

Yes, its a blessing!


Its God's will


God has opened the door!


But they learned the lesson of giving. Giving loses the grip the cares of the world have on one's heart. It frees us from fear. This village did not fear. They invested 40% of the cost of the agricultural center and opt-out "for free".