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Mercy Touches a Village

by M. Sutherland

Praise the LORD! Oh give thanks to the LORD,

for he is good, for his steadfast love endures forever!

Psa 106:1

We know that God extends His mercy towards ALL. However, I feel privileged to be a part of God's extended hand to touch a village that once trusted in false gods but now serves the true and living God.

In 2008 while still living in Nigeria, I (M. Sutherland) visited Benin for a village outreach. It was when I first met this village that became special to me, Anagbo. At that time, their water source was a makeshift pool of murky water about a 30-minute walk from the village (see photo below).

In late 2009, a couple of churches provided funding for a well. Since then, they have had access to clean drinking water. As I frequented the village to monitor the water project, I found myself getting to know and love the people.

One time I participated in a prayer meeting. I remembered feeling quite uneasy. It wasn't merely a lack of understanding of the local language. I sensed a strong presence of fear even as they prayed. At the same time, my eyes were drawn to a baby only a few months old. The fear which gripped them was evident upon that innocent baby’s face. I turned to the local missionary and whispered what I was sensing. He was able to confirm that what I was feeling was real. I asked to stop the prayer meeting for a moment to share what I was feeling. They listened to me. They were surprised that someone from the outside could sense the heavy blanket of fear they were under. Then they began to explain.

They told me of a woman who, on her way home from the last church gathering, fell down and died. Since the time that village came to faith in Christ, Satan had increased his warfare against them. They felt his attack through Voodoo on their village church. That woman’s death struck fear in everyone. The question tormenting them was who will be the next? They had seen this sort of thing before. I prayed:

Lord, what do I say to these people?

His response:

Tell them about my covenant love!

So, I asked them:

How many of you, since you have been saved, went back to the shaman

Almost everyone stood up.

I began to share from the Word of God about the covenant love of Jesus and how only His blood is able to deliver, that His blood is the only blood acceptable to God on our behalf. I told them to get out from under the old covenant of their forefathers, who sacrificed animals and to receive the new covenant of the Lord Jesus Christ.

After hearing the Word of God, they repented and committed themselves to live as covenant sons and daughters of God. Then they began praying in faith. No more praying in fear. And joy filled that place! As I witnessed the transition from fear to joy, I noticed the fear on that baby’s face was transformed into a joyous countenance.

After the meeting, I asked to hold the baby. She jumped into my arms with a bright smile. I asked,

Where is her mother?

She died!

Is this the same woman who fell down and died?


Not only did her mother die, but her father also abandoned her and her siblings. Both paternal and maternal grandmothers struggled with the responsibility of caring for that baby and the other children.

Initially, I wanted to adopt the baby (seriously) but after thinking about the consequences (that I would be asked to adopt the other children), I decided to be of prayer and financial support. There were times she almost died due to severe illness, but each time I called a few of you and you prayed; and she survived. We also prayed that she would be a covenant child of God. That God would protect her as one of His own.

As the child grew, I saw that she was significantly bow-legged, to the point of deformity where she needed surgery. But we prayed, and after a period of time, her legs straightened out without surgery.

This child is now 12 years old. She is in school, healthy, and growing in the Lord. Her given French name is Chabelle but I gave her an English name – Mercy. She is a testimony to the mercy and grace of God. It is interesting because Mercy’s life is a reflection of what God did in that village. Just like Mercy, the people of Anagbo are delivered. Just like Mercy, they are walking straight before the Lord. Just like Mercy, they are growing as covenant sons and daughters of God the Father. Praise God for His mercy endures forever!

Water some villages were using until a well was put in by a couple of churches in the US. the Beninese government now utilizes the well to supply water to multiple villages.