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I"m Free!

by W. Sutherland

It was the last class session of the 12-week course. Kwame, who is a Muslim convert to Christ, had been asking the same question in different ways throughout discussions of each chapter. But this last class was markedly different. I would usually ask each student to share with the class what they understood from the readings. Any questions? But this time Kwame couldn’t wait to respond. He blurted out:

“Oh, Praise God! Hallelujah! Ohh, God is so good. I’m free! I’m free. 

You know, I have been trying so hard to make sure I do everything right! 

But I could never feel I did enough. I’m free! I’m liberated.”

Kwame, like so many people who have been introduced to Christianity, still somehow feels they must do something in their own strength to keep them saved. It was the last chapter that discussed the acceptance and forgiveness of the Prodigal son that broke through to him. He saw himself in the older brother, who was religious but whom Jesus showed to be like the Pharisees who always opposed God. The younger brother in the story broke God’s laws but when he truly repented, he was forgiven and accepted. Today Kwame understands that his faith must be in God’s Son not in his own righteousness. Praise God! Praise God! I’m free.