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Global Outreach

Training Disciples & Leaders

The development of local leaders is essential to the advancement of God's kingdom. We identify and equip men and women whom God has called to represent Him as His witness in their communities, schools, the marketplace and  within other areas of society.

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Empowering Women

We help women discover their true identity and value through God's Word, and through a series of empowerment training, in literacy, skills development, business development and health awareness.  

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Transforming Villages

We have seen God's hand in transforming entire villages from being enslaved by the power of the kingdom of darkness to walking in the kingdom of light. Because of this, they are often persecuted and isolated from society. We work with them to help them walk in righteousness and thrive in all areas of their lives so that they could be a light to surrounding villages. A few of our projects include spiritual and physical health, literacy, and economic empowerment. 

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Reaching Children & Youth

Where ever Jesus went children followed. He always welcomed them with opened arms. We reach out to children following in Jesus' footsteps. Children are of great value. Our outreaches are to demonstrate the love of Jesus as we play with them, teach them God's Word, dance and sing with them and meet them where they are. We also provide meals, access to education and other assistance. Overall, we are seeing children being raise up to be a witness and bless their communities. 

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Making Disciples

Training Leaders

Impacting Communities