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Question 1: Are you a church?  

No, we are not a church. We are a "parachurch" organization. We partner with churches to advance the kingdom of God. We love the body of Christ and have a burden to see churches win converts, make disciples and raise up leaders. Many churches need help getting started; some, to further develop their discipleship ministry. We do not become leaders within churches but servants of God to help churches. 

Question 2: Where do you serve?

We serve in the US and overseas mostly in West Africa. We also do short-term projects in other countries as the Lord directs. Our Bible Institute is located in Bergen County, New Jersey but is offered in three platforms: 

      1) Face to face; 

      2) Online; and 

      3) Blended (a combination of the two).  

We currently offer training to students in West Africa via our online platform. 

Question 3: Are you a nonprofit?

Yes, we are a nonprofit domiciled in the state of New Jersey.

Question 4: How are you funded?

We utilize a multi-funded approach. We are funded mostly through donations. However, registration, seminar and retreat fees are to assist in the cost of the training. 

Question 5: How may I partner with you?

There are a few ways you may partner with us. 

  • Through prayer: Prayer as "the engine" in our work. You may join one of our prayer teams. See "Prayer Teams".
  • Offering your financial resources: Your support will help us to do all we are committed to do to advance God's kingdom. 
  • Offering your gifts and talents: We need skilled volunteers to assist in the empowerment center and community development in the US and abroad.
  • Offering your life: We need committed believers to work full-time for at least three years in the work of the ministry. You will receive training via our Bible Institute, Empowerment Center and personal mentorship.