Foundational Certificate

6 classes: 

Biblical & Ministry

So Great a Salvation

The Spiritual Life (ETA)

Biblical Beliefs (ETA)

Methodical Bible Interpretation (ETA)

The Gospel of John

Understanding People (ETA)

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6 classes: 

Deeper In Scripture

How We Got Our Bible (ETA)

New Testament Survey (ETA)

Old Testament Survey      - 

Part 1 (ETA)

Old Testament Survey     - 

Part 2 (ETA)

Letter to the Romans

The Acts of the Apostles

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7 classes: 

Developing Disciples

The Triune God (ETA)

Evangelism Today (ETA)

World Religions (ETA)

Daniel and Revelation

Making Disciples (ETA)

The Pentateuch

The Wisdom Literature

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Leadership Certificate

7 classes: 

Equipping Ministry Leaders

Church History (ETA)

Global Missions (ETA)

Apologetics: Beyond Reasonable Doubt (ETA)

Biblical Leadership (ETA)

The Teaching Process

One of three electives:
  1. Your Cell Ministry
  2. Marketplace Evangelism
  3. The Preaching Process

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