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Reaching Children

Touching the Lives of Future Leaders!

One group of followers that surrounded Jesus when He walked on earth was CHILDREN. They are often neglected when making disciples and raising up leaders. Ephrem was still a boy when an African American missions team came to his village to share the love of Jesus. They told them how Jesus came to save them and change their lives. Ephrem listened and made a commitment to follow Jesus. 

He is now leading others to do the same. He learned English (the language of trade which opens doors of opportunities) and is now training others in English. He is a leader among his peers and now has a beautiful & healthy family of his own. Ephrem enthusiastically says: "Those children you are reaching in the village will have the same opportunities I got to change my life from a poor village boy to a man with a vision who serves the Lord and others. I am so happy."

Children's Outreach

Liberty International Learning Center is empowering young children with the gospel that brings salvation, hope and a better future.

Gloria Sutherland 

Children's Fund

Our children's fund that is specifically used for outreach to children within underdeveloped communities.

Who was Gloria Sutherland?

 Gloria gave her life to the Lord Jesus Christ at 6yrs old. She loved Him with all her heart and lived for Him and His kingdom until she was called home in September, 2021.

When she was sixteen (16), she noticed that many children didn't go to Sunday School to hear about the wonderful Lord Jesus Christ. She wondered how she could get them to know about Him? That's when she started a children's ministry in her back yard. And because it was on Thursdays, she called it Thursday Class. Gloria loved to sing about the joy of the Lord. So there were lots of singing, having fun, praying and Bible lessons on Jesus' love. Many children also believed on the Lord Jesus and are serving Him today.

What is the Fund About?

This fund enables us to carry on Gloria's legacy of getting the Gospel to children. It provides food, and other needs which may be a barrier to children's learning about the Lord who loves them and died for them. Most importantly, it gets the Gospel to these young and impressionable hearts (Eccl 12:1).

See Our Projects for Children